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Online Accounts


What are Online Accounts?

Basically this involves maintaining your accounting records online, which gives you instant access to your accounting information anywhere and anytime.

The system can be maintained by our staff or your staff or a combination of both.

The advantages are elimination of duplication of work and thus reduction in costs of record keeping and accounts production, provision of instant access to you or your staff at any location of relevant information, the speedy preparation of regular management accounts at a very reduced cost, the elimination of costly software purchases and maintenance agreements for your accounting software.

Your accounting information is readily available to you to assist you in better controlling your business.

Please contact Dave O Mahoney Jnr to discuss how this might benefit you and your business at 058 42383 or The initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

You may also send us an online enquiry.

How It Works

  1. We provide you with the online bookkeeping package.
  2. We train you or one of your staff (for free) how to:
    - How to operate the system including inputting payment, purchases, sales.
    - How to reconcile bank accounts.
    - How to reconcile Debtors & Creditors.
    - How to complete VAT Returns.


The Advantages

  1. You're not paying accountancy fees to have your bookkeeping done.
  2. Greater transparency on how your business is done.
  3. Faster preparation of Annual Accounts.
  4. Reduction in Annual Accountancy fees.

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